'eeeef Friday

2:10 PM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...

Freaked: OUT! After running a hard race a NWM, I realized I only did half of a marathon and I'm beat - how the hell am I going to do an entire one! The realization hit me like a mack truck. Yes, I was excited and on a runner's high for PR'ing, but this little fact brought me right back to reality.

Food: Dearest Food, who do we have such a tumultuous relationship. I love you today, but hate you tomorrow. Someones you make me feel great, other days I feel awful. I wish I only saw you as a source of energy, but I see you as comfort and happiness. I know it is not necessarily your fault, but you are just so darn good!

Four: miles is the most I have to run during a weekday for the rest of the marathon training! However, this also indicates we will be running long miles on Sunday now. This is kind of a lie, because our Wednesday runs are longer than four miles, but those are mostly speed and hill workouts, so I don't really count them ;)

Finally: getting to see the USWNT play in person. For years I've only seen them on TV, but now I get to go to the Stick on Sunday and watch them live. I will always love Mia Hamm and that crew, but the new age team is pretty freakin' awesome! I don't care if it's just a friendly, I'm excited to watch them ball!

Finances: Sometimes I feel like they'll never get in order. I'm 30, I should have it together, but sadly, I don't. I'm working on it, but I wish I had better credit and more money saved. I have a few ideas for saving, but these new vacation ideas seem to be much more exciting. But I know I have to look toward my future and make sure I will be financially set, like my freaking parents! I hope I can live as plush as them when I finally get to retire! I know they worked hard all these years, but I aspire to do what they've done...just without a state job!

Have a fabulous weekend to my one and only reader out  there ;)

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