'eeeef Friday

10:03 AM

It's Friday. Its Fabulous. Five Fabulous "F" things going on in my life...
Firsts': Going to the Chiro today, excited and nervous. I hope he doesn't tweak me in a bad way, race on Sunday. I need to be on my A game for the 10th anniversary of the #NWM!

Flexin': I'm feeling strong. After doing my assisted pull-ups yesterday, I'm ready to check this goal off the list - do more than one pull-up, unassisted! This will happen soon and I know Midtown Strength and Conditioning will get me to this goal. But this picture is way better to represent "flexin'," can't wait for game day, Sunday FUNday!

Fall Mac-n-Cheese: or Foodie, whichever you deem fitting. Was able to try a new, cool...and DELISH spot last night. This seasonal twist on a comfort food was so good. Definitely a foodie delight - fancy cheeses (because it's technically a cheese shop/restaurant), butternut squash puree, and thyme. It was sweetened to perfection, not too much, just the right amount! The glass of #educatedguess was a great compliment to my foodgasm as well!

Fuji: My absolute favorite fruit on the earth. There are a few others that come close, but nothing compares to apples, Fuji to be exact. Was able to buy a few from Apple Hill last weekend, so I've been snacking on apples all week and I'm completely okay with it. 

F-U-N: I've been getting kind of nervous for my upcoming race on Saturday. I think a lot has to do with the uncertainty of the race, everything is NEW to me. I've never ran this race before, the logistics seem to be difficult, so I'm a little worrisome about it. However, last night at dinner with two of my married, runner friends, the hubby put it into perspective: "Have fun. This isn't your goal race, so go out there and have fun." This is not verbatim, but it is the gist of what he was saying. So simple, right?! As usual, I am overthinking my race, as I do will almost all races...even 5ks. I think the worst and don't have much hope. I guess I better reel this in before my "big" race on December 8th. But as he said this last night, it resonated. I will have fun, I will celebrate with the other 29,999 others out there running. Fun, I will have it and you will see me with a smile the whole time...but I know those pesky photogs won't capture this amazing smile ;) Why can't I take a good racing pic? Oh well, my mindset is good and I'm ready to celebrate 10 years of NWM!!

It's 'eeefing Friday ya'll

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