Buck Furpees

4:52 PM

There's really nothing more that I despise, than a damn burpee.
 According to this credible source ;) Burpee by Wikipedia I can put all the blame on a Mr. Royal H. Burpee. So vain, he names the damn things after himself.

I don't care if its the traditional version or some variant, I hate these things. When they are on the board for my workouts at Midtown, I contemplate faking a stomach ache and leaving.

About six months ago I came up with the worst idea ever - subject myself to doing 50 of them if I eat chips/fries in one day. It seems like I'm always owing some. It was started as a way to watch my intake, to fit a dress for a wedding, but now it just stuck. It's almost like veggie week (I guess I should explain that in a post soon), no end date - just start it and it just keeps on going!

Current Count Owed: 100 Burpees

Nothing about this exercise amuses me. I hate every second of it. I think it can be attributed to the fact that I tend to forget to breathe while I'm doing them, my bad...I guess!

These are just a legal form of torture...

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