Slow down baby, ya goin' too fast...

10:02 AM got your hands in the air with your feet on the gas! [India.Arie]

One should truly listen to their body, otherwise you will be subjecting your cubicle mate to endless hours of the horribly medic smell of Halls and hacking!

I am grateful to be so busy I get to complain about it. But when your body starts to shutdown, then maybe it's time to slow down.

But damn that training schedule, I hate to skip a training! It's the mental side of the race! I need to learn that I need to respect my body and listen to how it feels. Attempting 4 x 800m sprints when you have hives on your entire body and  severe chest congestion, might indicate a rest day! Instead I made my way out to Arden to meet my FF training group. Oddly both of my calves instantly started to cramp and eventually I couldn't feel my feet. I finally stopped after the 3rd sprint :/

Fellow trainees stopped and asked if I was okay and even offered water. I can assure you lack of water was not the case, because I peed about 30 times at work. The coach happened to stop and check in with me too, also suggesting I didn't drink enough water. She also told me to not be proud and just walk the rest. I told her I would, knowing I wouldn't. As I continued on my way, I shuffled between walking and jogging - angrily reflecting on what was going on with my body. 

Just another lesson learned - listen to your body, you idiot! 

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