Perpetually Single

10:08 AM

I guess I'm destined to be the single cat lady...sans cat(s)! 

A friend and I joke about this, but with every joke lies a little truth. If you asked me of my twenties, I'd be married by now, maybe even kids on the way. But single at 30 wasn't really what I was going for.

My favorite part of being single is when people continually ask "Why are you still single?" To which, I jokingly reply "Apparently I'm fatally flawed." If I knew exactly why I was single, then maybe I'd work to change it...right?!?

I don't go out much, I'm not a fan of on-line dating, my friends are all life long so I know any and all of their single friends....and I've become "perpetually single" and selfish. Wow, I guess I'm screwed!

I guess I should explain why I am selfish. I have become accustomed to making my own schedule, planning fun outings with friends and fam, and I tend to fill my schedule to the brim to keep me occupied. I'm guessing its so I won't feel lonely, although I do enjoy me time. Reading a book or re-watching Gilmore Girls is always fun. But companionship (and cuddling) is always fun too!

I don't mind being the butt of (single) jokes and whatnot, but deep down I'd like to find someone who inspires me, encourages me, and is consistent. I am picky I guess, but I have to be. 

I now what I deserve and I understand that nothing will be perfect. But I won't settle for something mediocre.

I can't seem to put it in my own words, but this gentleman knows how to express it very eloquently...which I cannot: 

Is this too much to ask for ;)

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