10:53 AM

This week was H-A-R-D.


Plain and simple. I’m not really sure what it was, but I went from “happy” runner to “UGH” runner, big time. From being crazy hungry all day, while consuming copious amounts of food, to just not really having any motivation to get out the front door. I didn’t say I didn’t do it, but I didn’t do it with enthusiasm. I know I’m bound to go through the ups and downs of motivation/enthusiasm, but I dislike when it’s not fun (at the moment). Granted, not that I ever thought running was “fun” per se.

So, after throwing out a “running” advice question on Facebook, I finally decided which thing to buy for running in the dark. I also found my running jacket has pretty good reflectors, but I didn’t feel completely confident that that would work out best. So from an old high school friend, I was introduced to these little reflectors that use magnets to attach to anything (clothes, hats, shoes, running belts, etc.). Of course, I ordered the pink ones, although they all blink a red LED light. They are light weight and are completely versatile, they run $19.99/pair . I tried pricing them out on, but just went direct to the vendor, they arrived fairly fast, and perfectly in time for my next AM run.


Our weekly Wednesday, speed workout was good too. First time location, parking was horrible, because of tons of kidlets practicing soccer. So after finally securing a spot, I almost missed the whole kumbaya pep talk, which I was okay with. My stomach started to really hurt during our cool down lap (last mile), but I’m still not sure the culprit. I’m hoping I can really hone in on my stomach/digestive issues before the big day!


Rollin’ with the punches. That’s how you gotta be. On the way to my long run training, my car (dubbed Big Blue), died on the freeway. Literally gave out on me. Safely pulled over, AAA en route, I sat there realizing that this is out of my control and I need to just work it out. My 9 miles were just going to have to be completed at sometime during the day. Luckily the weather was on my side, autumn weather was in full effect. This change in plans made me prolong my run like crazy, my motivationless streak was in full effect. Finally, around 5PM I went out for a run. Not only was I lagging, but I decided to try a friends running belt. I think they are awful looking, but after using one, they also feel awful. It was weird adding another couple pounds to my waist line. It took me 5 miles to figure out where I wanted it to sit on my waist. Who cares that I had a fat roll hanging out under the belt, it finally felt comfortable. With 4 miles still to run, I wasn’t being vain any more. Yes, I’m vain – so kill me. Running in public is hard enough, I need to make sure I look decent ;) HAHA! After I finally felt somewhat comfortable with the belt, the running went well. I was able to keep a 9:20min pace for my easy run, but the mental part of the belt was getting to me. Needless to say, I think I’ll stick to my handheld water bottle….


I’m on a mission, motivation or not…

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