11:19 AM

Another Sunday, another "long" run on deck...

I agree with this quote and I don't. I attempt to follow this mantra, but I end up doing the complete opposite! However, for today's run this is OK, well for the middle 6 miles it was. The other 4 went a little faster than the coaches probably wanted me to run, but I felt strong.

I hate to jinx myself, but I felt really strong during this run. I enjoyed it and I even met a running friend for a little over half the run, Cathy. We are at similar paces, but she pulled back at the halfway mark, due to stiffness in her muscles. I admire her ability to trust her body and go at what pace she knows best. She also had a watch, which helped to track our HM pace. She was very nice and it felt good to have someone to run with, even if it was only for 5miles.

I also wanted this quote to motivate my parents! They are on a mile-a-day journey, which started as a bet! Each day they have to complete one mile, walk or run, whatever their heart desires. They have less than a 100 days and I hope to inspire and motivate them to complete the challenge and to continue it through 2014!

A bunch of the group are beginning their taper for an upcoming half marathon assessment, but since I'm not doing that race it just means a few weeks of less running, score ;) BUT then I pay for it, because when they are all running 15 miles I'll be doing the Nike Women's Half marathon for the first time!

As of 9/20/13

All I know about this race are - 1.) Hills 2.) Tiffany's necklace handed out by fire fighters. Hopefully the later makes up for the other ;)

My life revolves around training...whether I'm fast or slow, I know I'll be on the GO!

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