Lets Be Real

10:33 AM

After a little self reflection I realized something - working out at 5AM truly isn't something that I should feel so accomplished about. Tons of people do it, so should I really should feel special now that I am partially part of this group?! It took me a couple of weeks and a good article for me to realize this.

Tons of people are at the gym at 5AM and running the streets. Maybe they are just more determined, better schedulers...or early risers. It doesn't really matter why, does it? No. They workout when they can or when they want to. No accolades, no recognition. 

Feeling quite self-centered that I thought this was such a good thing to conquer, when in reality it's just the daily routine of others. Now that I've acclimated to the early rise, it's not so bad - with the exception of midday tiredness. It's also an excuse for my daily nap.

No matter what time the clock reads, a workout is a workout! I don't get to feel special for waking up early or staying up late.

I just need to feel blessed that I can get up and workout, happy and healthy is all I can appreciate.

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