Répondez s'il vous plaît

9:14 AM

Répondez s'il vous plaît.  – I have absolutely no idea how to say this, well that’s kind of a lie. I kinda know how to say it, but it wouldn’t come out correctly.  

I’m starting to think that they should teach an Emily Post class in high school and every student should be required to take this class. To be courteous is taken for granted these days. To be polite seems like it is beyond some people. 

As someone who loves to plan parties, I take this seriously. If I am offering my home to you, spending money for your enjoyment, the least you can do is RSVP to my event. It’s the right thing to do, as well as the proper thing to do. If you think you are so busy that you can’t respond to my e-vite, or put that little card (which is usually pre-postaged for weddings and big events), or respond with a phone call or EVEN a text message – then you have an issue. It takes less than 30 seconds. If you forget about it, then you must not really be that interested. 

I guess it comes down to my ability to expect people to do as I would have myself done. I try to return my responses the next day: a. to avoid forgetting about them and b. So the hostess/host will have an accurate count for their shindig. 

I know we all have friends who either completely disregard the RSVP or just RSVP and then flake. I understand that there are circumstances that occur and thus people will flake. I’m singling out the people who just plain out flake. Sometimes they offer an excuse and sometimes they just don’t show. It’s just frustrating as a party planner and being their friend. Is it that hard to extend a courteous text or call saying you cannot make it. The worst part is the lack of honesty from those that tend to be repeat offenders. It gets to the point where your absences are the butt of people’s jokes at the party or everyone just accepts it as your regular way of doing things (which I don’t, but others seem to take the easier route and just ignore it). 

These said people either don’t care or don’t realize that most of their friends know what their M.O. is. Yes, we know you probably just didn’t want to come – using your family, your child, your pet, your car, being sick, etc. gets old. Just be an adult (we’re 30) and be honest. Yes, I’m guessing it’s hard to be honest and say “ I don’t want to come to your party/event” and instead make up a lie. But try to put yourself in your friend’s shoes for a second before you concoct a lie...just try it for a quick second. Maybe, just maybe you will try the honesty thing...I think you might see that it isn’t so bad! 

Well, what I’m saying is – be a better friend. You obviously got an invite for a reason. Take the time to respond, respond thoughtfully and honestly.  

I bet Emily Post is turning in her grave...all her hard work is lost on this society :/

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