10:30 AM

I’m so pissed! 

Partly as a runner and partly because there is NOTHING I can do. All I can do is pray for those who were affected by this tragedy, cheer for those who accomplished Heartbreak Hill, and remain positive. 

As a person who dabbles in running, I am pissed. I have yet to run my first marathon, however slated for December, but I’ve trained for a half marathon and I have friends and family who are marathon runners. To know the struggle and triumph of securing a spot in Boston is a great feat and to know there are people out there who would commit such senseless acts ignites a fire in my heart and soul.

Innocent lives taken, limbs that cannot be reattached…innocence that they all will never get back. It’s hard to put into words my feelings of rage and sadness combining together at this moment. Not even 24 hours after this tragic event…I am still a bag of mixed emotions. 

I am selfishly glad that two good friends are safe, albeit shaken up over the ordeal (speculation). I’m pissed that this tragedy takes away from ALL of the runner’s special day and task at hand. I’m enraged that lives were lost. I’m curious as to why, why would you do this to so many innocent people? I am speechless at the brave souls, paid or un-paid, who ran towards the explosions to help those in need. That is the one silver lining in this mess, to see humanity at its finest.  

The running community is a strong group of driven people. I know they will not stand for this and they will be stronger as a group. Each step I take, I will think of those who can no longer do so. 

It’s not fair and I need to remember that there is good in humanity. Although there are those bad apples that can cause such harm, they are still outnumbered by the good ones. Specifically 27,000 who were sweating their hearts out on that course. As a community, this will strengthen an already dynamic group of people. Runners support one another daily, now as a community of runners, we will work together to seek peace from here on out! 

My sole aches, but each step I take will be a grateful one…

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