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How does one know when it is appropriate to deem themselves a runner?

90% of the time I'm just putting one foot in front of the other, panting, and hoping its almost over. I'm sure "runners" do not have this mentality. I do plenty of 5k's and 10k's, and dabble in half-ers...and have done so for many years. But in NO WAY would I consider myself a runner.

The sheer joy you see in some people's faces, while running, grosses me out. I'm motivated by the physicality of it more than anything. By no means do I have a runners physique, nor do I think I was ever meant I can't say I do it to keep me skinny. I do chose to run to keep me slightly conditioned for soccer and because I'm driven by goals/tasks. Paying for a race means I will run in it at all costs, because I'm a Baller-on-a-budget!

With my first impending full Marathon approaching in 10 months, I'm already dreading it! I know, I shouldn't be...but I am. I'm not a runner...just a girl who puts one foot in front of the other. If I could, I'd do weights every day and kick cardio to the curb!

Each day is a battle, a mental preparation for the distance I need to achieve. Some days are better than others...and some are just plain horrible. But for some sadistic reason, I keep getting out there, I keep signing up for races. The title of "runner" is not appealing to me, but maybe the act of enjoying it is. They say it takes a certain amount of repetitive times for something to become a habit...I don't think they intended this to apply to running.

I applaud those that are "runners" and even the ones who are in running clubs! I scoff your ability to run a 10k as warmup for the actual 10k, in your matching outfits and all. But I also admire you as well!

Any mile is better than no mile I guess...

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