9:26 AM

What is in the water in the city by the bay?!?

Giants win the World Series! Niners headed to the Super Bowl! I couldn't be any happier for my favorite sports teams. It's also a nice bonus when your team has eye candy...aka Pagan, Torres, and Kaepernick!

More than anything I'm happy for my Dad! He is the one that introduced me to sports and cultivated my love for it all, so to see his teams win makes me ultimately happy. Yes I've adopted my love for the Bay Area teams from Papa bear, but that's pretty much how it always happens. Unless you're a rebel or the black sheep, like my cousin who is a die hard Steelers fan in a Niner loving family of 40! There's always that one outlier...

Anyways....the boys are headed to NOLA in a week and a half an I'm so stoked for this, last year they got so close...The momentum is good, as is their athletic talent so I'm not worried. I'm looking forward to actually caring about who's playing in the big game, sporting my Niner tee, and cheering like crazy!

It's not just about the commercials this year...

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