29 May 2015

Five Things Friday - FriYAYYYYY

Feliz Viernez y'all!
five-things-friday- must-reads!
Thanks, Clare!
Today, I'll do exactly as Clare envisioned her link up. All things by 5's. This weekend is a busy one, but I'm excited because it includes family, friends, and footy! Some of my favorite F words! Happy FIVE-ing...

Five Things I Ate

1. Mini Choco Chip Pizookie - a dessert I kinda shared with J on Wednesday. I took a pic, but when I did the back-up on my new phone it went away :(
2. Ginger Elizabeth Macarons - These were made with our new BD Almond Flour, they were divine. Oh-kay...relax, I only ate two...the rest were for my company's quarterly meeting!
120 Macarons - half choco, half vanilla

3. Chicken Taco Salad - such a random choice for an international luncheon. It was tasty, but a little spicy, we still can't pinpoint if it was the salsa or salad dressing. The additional pepper, which I threw off, was also a culprit!

4.  #NationalBurgerDay - Yup, I had to celebrate and went to Suzie Burger! But I also snuck some of J's Philly Fries, which were pretty bomb! 

5. Fresh Eggs - Lisa's mother-in-law gave her a dozen to pass along to me. I'm stoked, I've been dying to find someone who I can buy/get fresh eggs from. The Farmers Market ones were good, but could get costly at $5/week. Can't wait to try these tomorrow!
Five Workouts
1. Monday - Midtown
2 .Tuesday - Midtown
3. Wednesday - Nada
4. Thursday - Midtown
5. Friday - Nada

Five Pins
1 // Via -- Looks like a great summer appetizer.
2 // Via -- Seems doable and tasty!
3 // Via -- Just because it looked like something I should read before my next trip.
4 // Via -- Just something to think about if I were to reunite with that distance!
5 // Via -- Because the little things are always just as important as the big things!

Five Things Making Me Happy 
1. A glass of wine at 11AM during a reception for a work event!
Wente Wines - Chard or Cab

2. Park and dinner date with the Gangl's!
Zachary, isn't he the cutest?!?

3. Concert in the Park w/ Blackalicous and the Guidette tonight!
4. Snail Mail - the Bestest knows how much I love opening my mailbox to a treat, so she sent me an awesome postcard from her recent vacay. Funny thing is, she beat her postcard home! HAHA! It looks so gorgeous there, I just pretended to live vicariously through her IG posts :)
5. Excited for one of my Bestests to graduate with her Masters in Teaching (not the formal title) tomorrow!

Bring IT busy weekend...I'm ready for you!
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